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about us

Who We Are

Hunts Knives started from humble beginnings in the year 1998, when Nazir Ahmad found passion in forging Damascus steel knives with the highest quality. This unwavering dedication heavily influenced Ahmad’s son, Shafaqat Nazir, who then felt compelled to continue his father’s legacy. Hence, the birth of one of the most reliable knives in the world. Driven by creativity and professional work ethics, Hunts Knives paved its way to the market and found more and more satisfied customers. Today, after two decades of producing top-of-the-line Damascus steel knives of all varieties, Hunts Knives continues to grow and provides one of the best knives globally.

Our knives are all handmade, forged to perfection, and are polished to create long-lasting sharpness and reliability. Not only are the knives crafted for functionality, but they are also beautifully designed for aesthetic and artistic appeal. Each product is tailored to meet every specific customer’s standard, whether it be a cleaver, sliver, hunting knife, or tracker knife. Carefully designed by seasoned bladesmiths who hail from years of bladesmithing mastery, our products are well-tested to last for the longest time.

Hunts Knives is a brand of utmost quality, reliability, and affordability. It lives up to its claim that it will satisfy buying customers, whether long-standing chefs or amateur cooks. As the founder promises every client, “My goal is quality Damascus in every hand.”

And truly, it is still met to date.

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